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GB-6 Comparison Microscope


Through optical magnifying, joint and superposition, analyze and compare two images of object field coverage which is observed by the same set of eyepieces to find minimum difference in microscopy and microscopy. It’s widely applied to distinguish minimum difference, such as bullet, tool mark, fingerprint, character or script and currency in the field of Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, Court of Justice, Judicial Bureau, university, institute as well as electronics, agriculture, archeology, customs, bank.

Total magnification: 3x-173x

Eyepiece: WF10X/23mm  WF20X.12.5mm

Objective lens 0.7x-4.5x continuous variable objective lens

Zooming ratio 1:6.5.additional 0.4x objective lens and 1.6x lens

Working distance: 100mm

Objective field coverage: φ2mm-φ60mm.observe l&r single field coverage, overlapping and cutting field coverage.

Moving scope of object stage: widthwise 54mm lengthwise 54mm vertical 54mm.

Horizontal moving scope of two stages: 54mm.scope of synchronous lift up and down 54mm.

Camera system: equipped with 3 million pixel HD digital camera.USB2.0 interface. resolution 1024× camera interface.

Illumination: high power LED light source. brightness or facula adjusted.

Power: IC 220V IN.DC 12V out. world safety standard.

Accessories for choice: digital camera, New Bridge Engineering criminal investigation image processing software, computer

BMI-41 biological inverted microscope


Ergonomic design, tilting binocular head, interpupillary distance 50-75mm, 360°rota table. So users can easily have a understand of the viewing height.

One module casting stable mechanical main body made of high quality aluminum alloy, guarantee the high image quality, main body surface pain is with dusting technique, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasion, perfect for human body temperature, each accessory is with optical coating with hard surface, even in bad condition, this microscope can also be used for a long time.

Safe and high efficiency LED illumination

With CREE 5W high power LED light, no need to use filter, offer natural light light stable, safe, not easy to heat, environmentally friendly, long life time.

Users can realize different cell cultivation methods.

Simple, stable and smart main body makes users more space to install all kinds of accessories, such as  petri dish, culture bottle,perforated plate, and stage can be equipped with moving scale, users can move the sample by turning the XY coaxial knob.

22mm plan high eyepoint eyepiece

20X phase contrast objective as standard accessory

With PH slide makes live cell and un-dyed cell better image.

New intelligent ECO system, economic environmentally friendly infrared induction system. When users is out for a certain time or back after a while, this system will shut down or restart automatically, save energy.

Marking objective

When you are carrying on live cell observation, you can use the marking objective to mark your sample, easy for you to check the same area and also the cell extraction.

.NewBridge Engineering Ltd. also offer you all kinds of camera, CCD, CMOS, HDMI, WIFI…..and professional microscope software, easy for you daily work.

Item BMI-41
Frame One-piece construction from arm to base,with flourescence excitation interface
UCIS Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical Design
With digital camera joint on the left side
Co-axial coarse and fine focusing knob,precision:0.001mm
Wide voltage:100∽240V,47/63Hz

Observation Tube

Trnocular Tube, Interpupillary distance

50-75mm,45°inclined,diopter adjustable.

Split ratio: 50:50

Eyepiece WF10X/22 (reticle optional) ●●
WF15X/16 (reticle optional) ○○
Infinity Plan


Infinity Phase

Contrast Plan


Infinity Plan



Infinity Semi-apo

Plan Florescent

Phase contract


Fixed Stage Size: 215(W)×250(L)mm

Could mount the Stage extension board and attachable mechanical stage.

Size of stage extension board: 120(W)×80(L)mm


mechanical stage

Work distance: 120(X)×80(Y)mm,

Low coaxial focus adjustor, attached with Petri dish holder.

Illumination Adopt 90-240V wide voltage, the 6V/30W Halogen bulb;

center presetting, adjustable brightness.

Condenser Super long work distance condenser, numerical aperture 0.3,

and work distance 72mm, movable.

Cmount 0.35X,0.5X,0.65X,1X C-mount, focus adjustable  ○
Accessory Temperature color change filter, green contrast filter, infrared

illimination filter dia45mm, attenuation filter ND25/ND50, PH slide



● Use indoors

● The highest height above sea level: 2000m

● Temperature: 5℃~40℃ (41ºF~109ºF)● Maximum relative humidity: 80% when the temperature up to 31℃ (88ºF),

then it will down as linear. 34℃ (93ºF) vs. 70%, 37℃ (99ºF) vs. 60%, 40℃ (104ºF) vs.50%.

● Pollution: 2 (See IEC664)


BMI-4B biological inverted microscope


Infinity color corrected optical system with excellent optical performance, makes the image clear and bright.

Phase contrast with the characteristics of high-contrast and low chromatic, highlights the cell outline and internal structure.

Efficient and compact appearance design, correspond ergonomics and save space for the labs.

High-precision focusing device and convenient illumination adjustment, help to achieve outstanding work.

Delicate mechanical design and reliable manufacturing skills, insure its fabulous stability—even under an adverse condition, it can be used enduringly as your most reliable friend.


Model BMI-4B


Infinity color corrected optical system
Eyepiece High eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/22, field of view: 22mm.
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL10X/22, field of view: 22mm, with reticle.
High eye-point plan eyepiece PL15X/16, field of view: 16mm
Objective OLIPP2N long working distance

plan positive phase contrast objective 4X、10X、20X、40X

Nosepiece Revolving quintuple nosepiece(option: quadruple nosepiece)
Viewing Head 45°inclined binocular head, interpupillary distance range: 54-75mm.
45°inclined trinocular head, interpupillary distance range: 54-75mm.

fixed splitting ratio for binocular: trinocular= 80:20.

Stage Fixed stage size: 250x160mm, slider clips,

extension plate and coaxial moveable stage can be assembled.



Coaxial focus system with up-limited and tension adjustment.
Coarse range: 9mm, fine range: 0.2mm, fine precision: 0.002mm.



Coaxial focus system, range: 120x78mm, various of holders can be assembled.
Holder Slides holder(φ54mm and 26.5×76.5mm)
Teraseki holder(φ65mm and 56×81.5mm)
φ35mm Petri dish holder
Condenser N.A.0.3 Koehler illumination condenser, with phase-adjustable slide plate,

long working distance 72mm. The whole set can be rotated down.

Filter φ45mm green interference filter, color temperature change filter,

infrared eliminate filter

Illumination 5W warm color LED 12V3.3A external transformer, intensity adjustable.

BM-N4 biological motorized upright microscope


With Four motor drive, objective nosepiece, stage with X, Y, Z directions can be controlled manually or motorized.

With adoption of advanced technological digital dimmer, brightness of halogen lamp can be divided into 100 step.

  • High precision positioning leading screw stage, the clearest images quickly receiving by auto-focus and auto slice scanning and recognizing by computer.
  • With built-in dynamic focusing system, achieve the laboratory microscope automation.
  • High precision positioning leading screw stage,quickly receiving the clearest images by auto-focus. Auto slice scanning, recognizing are controlled by the computer.
  • With network remote control system, widely used in medical diagnosis, pathological analysis and real-time teaching etc.
  • High precision leading screw stage makes sure the quality of the images
  • The touchpad control box of BM-NY motorized auto-focus microscope is in line with the man-machine integration
  • Built-in dynamic focusing system, auto-focus with/without computer
    Comfortably observing with compensation free trinocular head Inclined

    at 30° Suitable for observer with wide interpupillary range of 48-75mm

    Larger viewing area with extra wide field eyepiece EW10×/ 22

    Focus control with diopter adjustable

    Big operating space with backward quintuple nosepiece
    Rectangle double layers mechanical stage 185×142mm, moving range 75×55mm, comfortable operation with low position adjustable knobs
    Perfect image with infinite plan achromatic objective
    Overcoming illumination asymmetry at low magnification observation
    With aspherical condenser and Kohler illumination, providing enough, even and

    high contrast illumination for various objective observations.

    External illumination, halogen lamp 6V/ 30W, brightness adjustable, 24V/ 100W for optional
     /  / BM-NY


    Infinite Optical System
    Viewing Head Seidentopf Type Trinocular Head Inclined at 30°,

    Interpupillary 48-75mm

    Camera 3.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Chip
    Eyepiece Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/22
    Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece
    Objective Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective 4×、10×、20×、40×、100×
    Stage The precision of leading screw stage is 1um
    Condenser Swing-out condenser NA0.9/0.25
    Filter Blue and Ground Glass
    Green and Ground Glass
    Illumination halogen lamp 24V/100W


    USB2.0 cable
    / The Control Box of BM-NY Motorized Auto-focus Microscope
    / Control Software of BM-NY Motorized Auto-Focus Microscope
    / Image Analysis Software
    / USB 2.0
    / PC

BM-50 research level biological upright microscope


NEW BM-50 biological microscope is designed to present a safe, comfortable and efficiency observation experience for users. With perfectly performed structure, high-definition optical image and simple operating system, BM-50 realizes professional analysis, and meets all the needs of research in scientific, medical and other fields.

Large stage with adjustment in either hand In order to correct the shortcoming of horizon guide rail, new stage is designed with double-way linear driving mechanism. This change protects the stage from overload at the end of both rails, improves the rigidity and performance of the stage.

The handle of the stage can be set at each side based on users’ preference. The X, Y biaxial adjustment are designed with low position for comfortable operation.

Two slices can be hold on the stage by using damping-type double clips, easy for comparative study. Moving range: 80mm X55mm; precision: 0.1mm Processed with special craft, the surface of the stage is anti-corrosive and anti-friction. The platform with an arc transition design reduces the stress concentration and damage from impact.

Light barrier, which can effectively reduce the stray light, improves the image contrast in fluorescence observation.

Modular frame, improve the system compatibility BM-50 with modularization design, separated cross arm and main body, improves the system compatibility of biological and fluorescence frame.

Highly sensitive coaxial coarse and fine adjustment Coaxial adjustment adopts double-stage driving, with adjustable tension tightness and upper limit stop, coarse range is 25mm and fine precision is 1μm. Not only accurately focus but also precision measurement is available.

Viewing head with multi-splitting ratio BM-50 viewing head is designed of multiple options for splitting ratio. with wide beam imaging system, 26.5mm super wide filed of view is available.

Trinocular head with inverted image, splitting ratio Binocular: Trinocular=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100. Except for concentrating 100% light to eyepiece tube or camera tube, there is another option with 20% light to eyepiece tube and 80% to camera tube, so that eyepiece observation and image output can be available at the same time.

Trinocular head with erect image, splitting ratio Binocular:Trinocular= 100:0 or 0:100. The moving direction of samples is as the same as observed.



Infinity color corrected optical system


Inverted image, 30° inclined  trinocular head, interpupillary distance:

50mm~76mm; splitting ratio R:T=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100

Erect image, 30° inclined trinocular head,

interpupillary distance: 50mm~76mm; splitting ratio R: T=100:0 or 0:100

Eyepiece High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X25mm, diopter adjustable
High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X25mm, with reticle, diopter adjustable
High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X26.5mm, diopter adjustable
High eyepoint wide field plan eyepiece PL10X26.5mm, with reticle, diopter adjustable
Objective Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives (4X/10X/20X/40X/100X)

(with DIC


Quintuple nosepiece
Sextuple nosepiece
Septuple nosepiece
Frame Biological frame (transmitted), low-position coaxial coarse and fine adjustment,

coarse adjustment distance: 25mm; fine precision: 0.001mm. With coarse

adjustment stop and tightness adjustment. Built-in 100-240V_AC50/60Hz wide voltage transformer, intensity adjustable by

digital set and reset    built-in transmitted filters LBD/ND6/ND25)

Fluorescence frame (transmitted), low-position coaxial coarse and fine

adjustment, coarse adjustment distance: 25mm; fine precision: 0.001mm. With

coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment.

Built-in 100-240V_AC50/60Hz wide voltage transformer, intensity adjustable by

digital set and reset; built-in transmitted filters LBD/ND6/ND25).

Stage Double layers mechanical stage, size: 187mm X168mm; moving range:

80mmX55mm; precision: 0.1mm; two-way linear drive, tension adjustable

Condenser Swing-out type achromatic condenser (N.A.0.9)



Sextuple reflected fluorescence illuminator with iris field diaphragm and aperture

diaphragm, central adjustable; with filter slot and polarizing slot; with

fluorescence filters (UV/B/G for option).

100W mercury lamp house, filament center and focus adjustable; with reflected

mirror, mirror center and focus adjustable. (75W xenon lamp house for option)

Digital power controller, wide voltage 100-240VAC
Imported OSRAM 100W mercury lamp.( OSRAM 75W xenon lamp for option)
lamp house 12V/100W halogen lamp house for transmitted light, center pre-set,

intensity adjustable



Camera adapter: 0.5X/0.65X/1X focusing C-mount
CMOS camera, SONY2/3′′ 3.0 M

CMOS camera, SONY2/3′′ 3.0 M

Cooled CCD camera, SONY2/3′′ 1.4M

Cooled CCD camera, SONY2/3′′ 3.0M

Cooled CCD camera, SONY1′′ 5.0M

Centering objective for fluorescence observation
Professional software for fluorescence analysis
High precision micrometer, scale value 0.01mm

BM-40 biological upright microscope


Infinity color corrected optical system, new upgraded Koehler illumination system, presents a clear & bright micro-image under each magnification.

Fire-new ergonomic design, steady system structure, easy operation, is suitable for various working environments.

“Building blocks” design for combining multiple functions, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarizing, dark field attachments can be assembled on the basis of bright field observation.

Widely apply to clinical diagnosis, teaching experiment, pathological test and other micro-fields.

Optical system Infinity color corrected optical system
Viewing head Efficient infinity gemel binocular head, 30°-60° elevation adjustable; 360° rotatable;

interpupillary adjustable distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable.

30° inclined gemel binocular head; 360° rotatable; interpupillary adjustable

distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable.

30° inclined  trinocular head, splitting ratio R:T=50:50; 360° rotatable;

interpupillary adjustable distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable.

30° inclined trinocular head (special for fluorescence), splitting ratio

R:T=100:0 or 0:100; 360° rotatable; interpupillary adjustable distance:

54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable.

30° inclined digital binocular head; 360° rotatable; interpupillary adjustable

distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable.

Eyepiece High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10x22mm, reticle can be assembled.
High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL15x16mm
Objective Infinity plan achromatic objectives (2X,4X,10X,20X,40X,100X)
Infinity plan phase contrast objectives (10X,20X,40X,100X)
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives (4X,10X,20X,40X,100X)
Nosepiece Revolving quadruple nosepiece/ quintuple nosepiece
Body Coaxial focus system with upper limited and tension adjustment;

coarse range: 30mm; fine precision: 0.002mm; focus height adjustable.

Stage 175x145mm double layer mechanical stage, rotatable; with special fabrication

processing, anti-corrosive and anti-friction; X,Y moving hand wheel in right

or left hand; moving range: 76x50mm, precision : 0.1mm.

187x166mm double layer mechanical stage, moving range: 80x50mm, precision: 0.1mm.
Condenser N.A.0.9 swing-out type achromatic condenser;N.A.1.2/0.22 swing-out type

achromatic condenser;N.A.1.25 quintuple phase contrast condenser;N.A.0.9

dry dark field condenser;N.A.1.25 oil dark field condenser.




Wide voltage: 100-240V, built-in transmitted Koehler illumination; 6V/30W halogen, pre-centered, intensity adjustable.
Polarizing kit Analyzer 360° rotatable; polarizer and analyzer can be out of light path.
Filter Yellow, green, blue, neutral filter

splitting device

R:T=70:30 or 100:0, special 1x
Camera adapter C-mount 0.5x, 0.67x, 1x

BM-YF biological upright microscope


Excellent fluorescent image with infinitive optical system.
LED illumination with 50,000 hours life expectancy.
No need for cooling system and protection device due to LED cold light source.
465-475nm excited wavelength
Convenient to use, no need warm-up.
More fluorescent filters are available for different applications.

Specification BM-








Infinite optical system


Compensation free binocular head inclined at 30°,

interpupillary 48-75mm

Compensation free trinocular head inclined at 30°,

interpupillary 48-75mm

Eyepiece Extra wide field eyepiece EW10X/22
Nosepiece Backward quintuple nosepiece
Backward quadruple nosepiece  ●
Infinite Objective Semi-plan

Achromatic Objective

4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
Plan Achromatic


4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
Fluorescent Objective 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X
Condenser Swing condenser NA 0.9/0.25
Fixed NA 1.25 Condenser NA 1.25
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, Fine division 0.001mm
Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, Fine division 0.002mm
Stage Double layers mechanical stage185X142/75X55
Double layers mechanical stage140X140/75X50
Photo Attachment
Video Adapter
Illumination S-LED Illumination
Halogen lamp 6V/20W
Halogen lamp 6V/30W



 / Excitation Dichroic


Barrier Filter




BP460~490 DM505 BA515




BP510~550 DM570 BA590


Lamp 3W LED (465-475nm)
3W LED (525-530nm)


Fluorescent free oil

Note: “●” in the table is standard attachment. “○” is optional accessories.
Design change: To keep pace with technological advances, we have reserved the right to make design modification and changes without notice.

BM-Y3 biological microscope


Excellent image quality with infinitive optical system.
Comfortable operating with ergonomic structure.

Better illumination with sliding-in centerable condenser, Convenient replacement with phase contrast and dark field condenser.


  1. Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10X/20 with Diopter Adjustment as Optional
  2. Comfortable Observation with Eyepoint and interpupillary adjustable
  3. Sliding-in Centerable Condense Adjustable
  4. Lamp Replacement by Direct Removing Housing


 Specification: BM-Y3


Compensation Free binocular head, 30° inclined,

Interpupillary 48-75mm

Compensation Free trinocular head, 30° inclined,

Interpupillary 48-75mm

Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10×/18
Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/20 with Diopter Adjustment
Objective Infinitive Semi-plan Achromatic Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×
Infinitive Plan Achromatic Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×
Nosepiece Quadruple Nosepiece
Stage Double Layers Mechanical Stage

140mm×140mm/  75mm×50mm

Condenser Sliding-in centerable condenser NA1.25
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Moving Range 20mm
Illumination S-LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable
6V/ 20W Halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable
Phase Contrast Kit
Dark Field Attachment

Note: “●” in the table is standard attachment. “○” is optional accessories.
Design change: To keep pace with technological advances, we have reserved the right to make design modification and changes without notice

SSZM-701 stereo step zoom microscope



Characteristic and Function

  1. This microscope can produce clear image with balanced illumination light. It is easy to operate with comfortable observation, delicate construction and smart shape.
  2. This microscope can be used in the inspection, assembly and repairing of the electron components and slim precise accessory in electron industry, apparatus and instrument, precise mechanism industry. It can also be used in farming, spinning, medical dissection, geology, archaeology and carving for inspection, observation and even cultural relic identification.
Name Stereo Microscope
Model SSZM-701
Specification 1. Magnification:20×–40×–60×

2. Eyepiece: WF10×/ F.N 20

3. Objective: 2×/W.D 93, 4×/ W.D 75 6×/ W.D 75

4.Rotatable Binocular (360°)

5. Illumination: Transmission and Reflect Light

Optional Objective 1×/ W.D 80

Objective 3×/ W.D 69

Objective 4×/ W.D57

Eyepiece WF 15×/ F.N 13

Eyepiece WF 20×/ F.N 10